Wednesday, August 25, 2010

KCAI ANIM: Hunting & Gathering Project, PART 1

Every Summer since I was just eight years old, I would fly out of boring ol' Michigan to my hometown, Kansas City. Most of the time, I would stay with my grandparents. This was my room, small and dark, but I loved it. Each morning I would wake up by the window with my cat, Willie, nestled beside me. I enjoyed these mornings, staring out onto the hill outside until my grandparents woke up.

Since I live so far away from school, I often wait for my classes to start at Cafe Nerman. I enjoy listening to the barista as they joke with each other, and I can never grow tired of the comforting smell of coffee.


  1. I've said once before but let me say it again, nice shades. You deserve a sombrero.

  2. A sombrero? Really? YAY! Thank you!

  3. Concept:
    Excellent. Both images reflect a thoughtful working over of the assignment.

    Both compositions feel very intimate and well framed, with the one of your room at your grandparents feeling the most resolved. The one of the Nerm feels "off" in terms of perspective and attention to foreground space.

    Excellent. The tonality in the room image is what gives it its atmosphere and creates a mood. The line is thoughtful and obviously reflects a deeper meaning to the viewer. The Nerm drawing is less personal, but would come together with more attention to perspective, tonality, variation and detail.

    Following instruction: