Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ending Sequence - Storyboard

Frame 5 -
Gabriel : *Quietly* "I thought we had an agreement; you wouldn't interfere 
with my research, and I would continue to fund your little business here."

Mitzie : "Er, yes that's true but..."

Frame 6 - 
Gabriel : "But what? I would dare to say you're doing a very fine job of interfering Madam!"

Mitzie : "Well I just think she looks too important to..."

Frame 7 - 

Tea : *Off Screen* "Um, pardon me..."

Frame 8 - 

Tea :  " Have I caused some sort of trouble?"

Frame 9 -
Gabriel : "Oh no my dear, I was just asking Mitzie about... er, the special desert."
Frame 10 - 
Gabriel : "Right, Mitzie?"
Frame 11 - 
Mitzie : "Er, yeah! The, uh, house special."
Frame 12 - 
Tea : "Oh really?! I would LOVE to try some, I bet it's delicious!"
Frame 13 -
Gabriel : "The best in town my beautiful Tea! Mitzie here says it's nearly done! You and I could have the first piece..."
Frame 14 - 
Gabriel : " share."
Tea : "Eat cake, with you? EEE!"
Frame 15 -
Gabriel : "However, the cake is still in the oven down in the cellar. We'll have to go down there ourselves to fetch it."
Tea : "Oh? Mitzie would let us do that?"
Frame 16 - 
Gabriel : "Let's just say... I have special privileges here."
Tea : "How nice!"
Frame 17 - 
Gabriel : "This way, but mind the steps. They're a bit... dangerous."
Tea : "O-okay."
Frame 18 - 
Gabriel : "Ladies first, madam."
Tea : "WAIT!"
Frame 19 - 
Tea : "Miss Mitzie! Thank you kindly for letting us have the cake!
It's really nice of you,  I really appreciate it!"
Frame 20 -
Mitzie : "Oh, um.. not a problem dear!"
Frame 21 - 
Gabriel : "Yes, thank you Mitzie."
Frame 28 -
Tea : "My, it's awfully dark down here"
Frame 29 -
Gabriel : "Unfortunately so I'm afraid."
Frame 30-31 -
Gabriel : "But the oven is at the back, just
follow the light..."
Frame 32 - 
Tea : "Oh I see it! I can smell the cake from here!"
Frame 37 - 
Tea : "I can't wait to try some of Mitzie's special cake!
I wonder what flavor it is!"
Frame 47 -
Man : "Um, Mitzie! I think you dropped this."
Mitzie : "Keep it."

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