Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Jhun" Concept Sketches

After three or four ideas, I settled on a relatively simple idea from my days in high school. Hearing the song "Lies" by Evanescence, I had scene stuck in my head of a cult attempting to summon a slumbering demon back to life in a dark, dead forest. Granted the main idea is insanely complex, the demon was hidden away in a rock like tomb, there were at least 15 characters, 12 of them dancing, an insane fighting sequence, and the demon's design would be nearly impossible to animate.

So I dumbed down the idea to a very, very, very simple version. Dr.Jerome, a scientist dealing in the realm of demons and dark gods, ventures alone to a dark forest in search of a lost guardian demon. To the viewer, his intentions are unclear. Upon finding the demon asleep within a cave, he uses an amulet to awaken it. The animation ends with the demon's eye opening then glaring. My Fiance will again be creating a song as a soundtrack for the animation.
Concept Sketch of Dr.Jerome

Background shot for Dr.Jerome's entrance. The plan is to
animate the background using the multi-pan technique
in after effects. 
"Jhun" demon upshot, which will serve as his
introduction. Perspective will be touched up more,
and the back of Dr.Jerome's head will also
be within the shot. The camera will pan up/slightly
zoom in on Jhun's body more when it hits
his face, which will help the transition
to the next scene 

Detail shot of Jhun's face. Shot will pan across the face

Influences :

Like I mentioned, the original idea of this animation was inspired by the song "Lies" by Evanescence.

Forest Inspired by "Dark Territory"
Robert Englund, "Fear Clinic" was the
inspiration for Dr.Jerome

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