Friday, May 6, 2011


Hm, Blogger actually let me upload something. Sweet.

Okay first off, SORRY DOUG! I tried making it 720x480, but it reeeeeally stretched everything out and made it look like fecal matter.  x(

My completed yet not completed animation for the final. I unfortunately couldn't finish it, most likely because I bit off more than I could chew. I think. I also couldn't figure out what do to for the longest time, and ended up animating random scenes of my demoness Weird interacting with a friend's succubus character, Julie. Things just went from there.

However I didn't want this animation to be half-assed or too short. I felt that this semester my animations were weak and didn't really express what I could do. So, for this animation, I wanted to do something that forced myself to branch out and challenge my talents. Probably another reason why it's not finished; I was too fixated on some scenes.

Even though it's not completely finished, this is probably my favorite animation I've made yet. Thanks to my boyfriend for spending the time to make the music himself, and to my friend Jessica for allowing me to animate her succubus.


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