Sunday, September 18, 2011

Karni Concept Design #1

I should really keep this thing updated. I haven't even looked at it since my final sophomore project. Eekers.

Here's a concept sketch of a character that'll appear in an animation short for my Motion Graphics class. Meet Karni, a playful get horrific creature with a childish personality. Her inpiration came from two sources; Dead Space and Silent Hill 3, both awesomely scary games. Her name, Karni, derives from the carnival-type music she'll be animated to.

The body was inpired by the Leaper necromorph from Dead Space (1 &2), I believe that's what they're called. Really creepy, fast creatures. Just love 'em!

The color scheme inspiration is more abstract, but from the carosel scene in Silent Hill 3. Another really scary game, and this scene really urked me when I saw it. Karni's main body are the colors that the carosel horses were, and her cat face and tail jewel are colored after the main parts of the carosel itself.

This may not be Karni's final design. We'll see.

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