Monday, October 31, 2011

Gabriel VonLark

Gabriel Character Sheet

Gabriel VonLark is an old fashioned, 18th century themed serial killer. He's 34 years old, owner of a small fortune he received after his wealthy parents were brutally murdered. As a child, he was a quiet one that kept to himself unless he desired something, which he could easily manipulate others. He appeared bored during his childhood, the schools dubbed the child a genius far beyond those in his class. Bored, until he heard of the Black Dalia murders. This woke something sinister in the boy, he was then driven by an irrational thirst for causing others suffering, he began his life with killing animals, all but kittens and cats (for some strange reason, he could never kill them, secretly, he loves cats).

As a young boy, he and his father would go hunting for foxes, deer, elk, bear, cougars, just about anything they could skin. Gabe took immense pleasure in the skinning and gutting of the animals. Once he hit 13, he grew weary of his parents and wanted to try his hand at the ultimate prey, humans. Never caught for his parents murder due to his genius, Gabe was taken in by his grandparents, who paid maids to care for him. With this, Gabe then went on to college, majoring in anatomy and biology. Gabe had every intent to continue with his killings, but he needed a face to play in front of society so he could play. Excelling in college, Gabriel became head doctor in St. Ophin's  hospital and during his off-time professor at whatever college wanted him. Too focused on his goal, Gabriel only dated women to satisfy his needs. The only family he has now is his cat, Noire, a thin framed black cat with large, green eyes.

Once he settled his place, Gabriel began to plan his long awaited string of killings. Wishing to rival that of the Black Dalia murderer, Gabe spent years developing schemes and plans to go down as the worlds most infamous serial killer in American history. To get himself ready for this plan, he has began murdering people as trail and error type of scenarios. Not once has he been caught, of course. Gabriel stalks (often innocent) victims, kidnaps them, and tortures them in his personal torture chamber where he uses the victim's minds to bring fear, and numerous weapons to bring them suffering. He asks them questions while he tortures/kills them, asking what he has done to make them scared, and what he could do better for the next 'toy'.

Gabriel : "Pardon me, miss. Don't think of me strange for asking this, but can you please tell me why you are so afraid of me? Is it my knives? Maybe my voice? Do you think, perhaps, that if you never saw my face, would you be far more scared? Please critique me, miss, I desire it."

Female Victim : (currently tied down on stretcher) "F*ck you! You're f*cking crazy!!!"

Gabriel : "As flattering as your compliments are miss, they are unhelpful." (pulls out hunting knife). "I'd rather not reduce you to an unadioable  specimen. I will ask you one more time... Please offer me critique."

His personal taste in killings are young woman, but he keeps an open mind and kills different types of people to 'satisfy his taste for personalities'. He believes himself to be smooth with the ladies, but that's not exactly true. His posture reflects his ego, Gabriel is quite full of himself and never thinks he will or could be bested by his victims or others. He thinks this for reason, however, due to his skill and hierarchy, he's gotten away with damn near everything he's gone after. Despite the seriousness of his character, Gabriel can be very expressive, sometimes in a silly sense when taken by surprise. He's very calm, suave, and quite predatory in his movements. He watches people like a lion watches a wounded zebra. People sometimes avoid him, while others are drawn to his genius and crave for his approval, which he rarely if ever hands out.


Jack the Ripper (Time Period, Murderer)

Murdoc Niccals (Gorillaz, Sickly Look)

Hannibal Lector (Posture, Way of Speaking)

~Weird Hyenas

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